Reefed Beats DVDItem: RB/DVD


Guide to the Art of Rudimental Tenor Drumming

Part 1 of the DVD covers “All Things Fundamental” — perfect for ALL students of rudimental drumming, whether you play tenors, snare, bass drum or drumset. Topics include: Grip, Stroke Techniques, Sound Quality, Muscle Memory, Learning the Rudiments, Speed, Rudimental Breakdowns and how to achieve the Perfect Practice regime.

In Part 2, Bill dives into the specific techniques of quad drumming: Tuning, Set Positions, the X and Y Axis of Quad Drumming, Cross-overs, Scrapes, Triple Beat Scrapes, and Bill’s “Get Good Quick Plan”.

Bonus Features include Exercise Medley, Rammin’ Notes, Opie’s Changes Solo, Opie’s Opus Solo, Interviews, Equipment and Behind the Scenes.

Like the title suggests, there are tons of reefed beats in this video! Reefed Beats is educational, inspirational, and designed to take rudimental drummers to the highest level of excellence!

Total Running Time 96 Minutes