Snare Drum

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  • 15 Progressive Snare Drum Solos

    A Pedagogical Approach to Repertoire “15 Progressive Snare Drum Solos” was written to provide solo concert snare drum repertoire for beginning & intermediate students. Each solo includes a brief overview with a listing of reading and technical skills required. Great [...]
    • State Lists: Florida
  • Aptitude

    A Conversation in Snare Soloing Redefining Snare Performance Aptitude melds contemporary and rudimental styles into an exciting collection of musical expression. These creative new works are complemented with energetic MP3 audio accompaniment to create a new genre of soloing. Each [...]
    • State Lists: Missouri, Texas
  • Twenty Two Rippin’ Rudimental Snare Solos

    Twenty Two Rippin Rudimental Snare Solos A fantastic collection of rudimental snare solos (medium to advanced). Any of this material will work well for audition or festival repertoire. You’ll find pairing suggestions helpful in the back of the book, for [...]