NoveltysiclesItem: NS01


Players: 6
Instrumentation: A Collection of 8 Novelty Ensembles for 6 - 1000 Players! Includes teacher score and student books.

A Collection of 8 Concert Ensembles for Six Young Percussionists!

This package includes:

  • Complete set of 8 ensembles
  • Conductor’s score
  • 6 individual player books

An entertaining collection of 8 novelty ensembles written for the easy to intermediate percussion ensemble. From garbage cans to PVC pipes, cafeteria ladies to black lights, this package is FUN, FUN, FUN!

The President Explains how to construct a stand for "Pipe Down"

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Funky Buckets

Ed Argenziano


(3) Small Metal Buckets, (3) 5 Gallon Plastic Buckets


Josh Gottry


(3) Pairs of Short Plastic Tubes, (3) Pairs of Long Plastic Tubes (Pro-Mark Tubz or Boomwackers)

Clap Trap

John R. Hearnes


(6) connected pairs of hands, knees and feet

Rockin’ Rickie Rocket, Jr.

Lalo Davila


Voices and One Extremely Entertaining Air Drummer

30 Gallon Groove

Chris Brooks


(6) 30 Gallon Garbage Cans w/Lids

Blue Plate Special

Chris Crockarell


Assorted Dinnerware (plates, glasses, knives, forks, etc.)

1.21 Jiggawatts

Chris Brooks


(4) Snare Drums, (2) Floor Toms, (2) Ride Cymbals (includes Play-Along CD)

Pipe Down

Chris Crockarell


Various lengths of 4″ conduit pipe (includes Play-Along CD)