Novelty JamzItem: NJAMZ01


Level: Beginner/Grade I
Players: 4-16
Length: 14:18
Instrumentation: Buckets, Brooms, Pans, Bodies, Chairs and Various Kitchen Items This is good material for elementary school age kids!

Score & Parts Included!

A collection of six elementary novelty ensembles!

Get your buckets, brooms, pans, bodies, chairs and various kitchen items.

The package is scored with (2) parts except for the final ensemble (Jumble Jam) which is scored for 4 parts incorporating Buckets, Brooms, Chairs and Kitchen Items. A terrific addition to any elementary or beginning middle school library, this package is an excellent tool to teach all music students (even those pesky choral kids) precise execution of rhythms and a little showmanship.

Videos performed by the Haude Elementary School Percussion Ensemble – Spring , TX

Click to play these Audio/Video Selections

Jumble Jam

Lamar Burkhalter (2:47)


  • Kitchen Utensils – a standard cookie sheet: aluminum mixing bowl filled a third of the way with peas: 1 water bottle filled a third of the way with peas: 2 chopsticks to be used as drumsticks
  • Buckets – small, plastic bucket and one pair of drumsticks
  • Brooms – a full size push broom and one drumstick
  • Chairs – a plastic, classroom chair and one pair of drumsticks

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