Advanced WDL Show 5
Item: WDL023
Price: 230.00

Moussorgsky, Steinquest, Hearnes, J. Davila, Schletzer, England
Level: Advanced/Grade VI     Length: 5:12    
Instrumentation: Snare, Tenors, Cymbals, Bass Drums, Bells, Chimes, Xylophone, (2) Marimbas, (2) Vibraphones, (5) Timpani, Concert Bass Drum, (2) Suspended Cymbals, Splash Cymbal, China Cymbal, Ride Cymbal, Finger Cymbals, Small & Large Zil Bells, Concert Snare Drum, Floor Tom (or Impact Drum), Drum Set, (3) Concert Toms, Mounted Tambourine, Brake Drum, Ribbon Crasher, Triangle, Slapstick, Woodblock, Wind Chimes
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