Trio Mania
Item: BOS028
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by Ed Argenziano
Level: Easy/Grade II     Players: 3     Length: 6:46    
A Collection of 3 Grade II Trios from The Blast-Off Series

Andiamo! (1:50)
Bella Aqua (2:37)
Scenes From The Traps Drawer (2:19)


Andiamo! (1:50) - Snare Drum, Suspended Cymbal, Triangle, Bongos, Concert Bass Drum,
Wood Block, (3) Cowbells (graduated pitches)

Bella Aqua (2:37) - Vibes (Bells), Marimba (Xylophone), (2) Timpani

Scenes From The Traps Drawer (2:19) - Triangle, Wood Block, Maracas, Vibra Slap, Claves, Tambourine,
(2) Cowbells, Ratchet, Gourd (Guiro), Shaker, Flexitone
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