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by Chris Brooks, Chris Crockarell and John R. Hearnes
Level: Beginner/Grade I     Players: 4 - 7     Length: 8:07    
A Collection of 4 Grade I Percussion Ensembles

March of the Dragoons (1:40)
El Quetzal (2:24)
Hark, the Herald Bossa (1:50)
Five Jive (2:00)


March of the Dragoons (1:40) - Metals (Bells, Vibes), Woods (Xylo, Marimba), Snare Drum, (2) Timpani, Temple Blocks, Crash Cymbals, Suspended Cymbal, Bass Drum

El Quetzal (2:24) - Bells, Xylophone, Timbales (or toms), Congas, Marimba, Suspended Cymbal, Cowbell, Bongos

Hark, the Herald Bossa (1:50) - Bells, Xylo, Marimba, Vibes, Snare Drum, Ride Cymbal, Claves, Tom,
Cabasa (or shaker), Sleigh Bells

Five Jive (2:00) - Snare Drum, (2) Toms, Suspended Cymbal, Bass Drum, (2) Timpani, Triangle, Cowbell, Tambourine

These ensembles can be performed with 4 players, and include graduated parts for 5, 6 or 7 players, using very accessible instruments.
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