Brooms, Whackers & Heads... OH MY!
Item: BOS007
Price: 40.00
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by Crock & Brooks
Level: Easy/Grade II     Players: 4 - 16     Length: 5:23    
A Collection of 3 Grade II Novelty Ensembles

Camptown Boomers (:56)
Broom & Board (2:32)
Off With Their Heads (1:55)


Camptown Boomers (:56) - One set of "C" diatonic Boomwhackers, Siren Whistle, Duck Call

Broom & Board (2:32) - One push broom per player

Off With Their Heads (1:55) - Sticks (one per player), Wire Brushes (one per player), One drum head per player 12"-16" (players using a brush will need a coated/rough head)
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