Barrel O' Cadences
Item: 8023
Price: 35.00
by Chris Crockarell & Chris Brooks
A great collection of easy cadences. If you loved Bag O', Bucket O' and Box O' . . . then wrap your sticks around this hip collection that will get you down the parade route or "hoorayed" in the stands!
Level: Easy/Grade II
Instrumentation: Snares, Tenors, Cymbals, 2, 3 or 4 Bass Drums, Auxiliary Percussion.
Also includes Performance CD.
These examples are contained in one streaming Audio File:
  • Tenor Dude (8 bars)
  • Make It Fonky Now (8 bars)
  • In the Fast Lane (8 bars)
  • Sombroyo (12 bars)
  • Walkin' Backwards (12 bars)
  • Bippity Boppity (16 bars)
  • Boom Boom! (16 bars)
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