Show-Style Cadence Pac
Item: 8021
Price: 40.00
by Tony Artimisi
If your drummers want to "walk the walk" & "beat the beat" as did the drummers from the movie "Drumline", check-out this package of 6 show-style cadences. Great for game day and impressing the audience!
Level: Medium/Grade IV
Instrumentation: Snares, Quads/Quints, Tenor Drums, 3, 4 or 5 Bass Drums & Cymbals.
Also includes performance CD.
These examples are contained in one streaming Audio File:
  • Split 'em Up (28 bars)
  • Hit Da Groove (28 bars)
  • Area 51 (24 bars)
  • Elephant Man (40 bars)
  • Wuz Up? (40 bars)
  • Party Time (84 bars/cut-time)
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