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Rudimental Logic 3.0
By Bill Bachman
Perfect for all levels, from beginner to extremely advanced!
The all new Rudimental Logic 3.0 is a technical guide for everyone who plays with sticks! The topics include grip, stroke techniques, unique strategies for the 40 PAS rudiments as well as many hybrids, and the grid. Unlike other books, Rudimental Logic tells you HOW to play things... it's much more than a book simply packed full of notes.

Rudimental Logic 3.0 was written for drum instructors, band directors, and drummers everywhere. The issues covered include grip, stroke techniques, quality of sound, the 40 standard rudiments, newer rudiments, the grid, and much more. The book is full of quality information and concepts for players of all levels and includes more than 170 exercises!
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Comments about "Rudimental Logic"

"Rudimental Logic is a guide designed to build smarter players with the chops necessary to make it in the competitive world of marching bands and drum corps., and now Rudimental Logic presents the information and exercises in an easy to understand and well sequenced format. Every rudimental percussionist and teacher should have this book in their library. It is a welcome addition to the rudimental snare drum method."
Paul Rennick - University of North Texas, Carolina Crown, Blast

"As a percussion educator who teaches all age groups, this rudimental book works well for instructing both beginning and advanced percussionists."
Tom Aungst - Dartmouth H.S., Cadets of Bergen County Drum and Bugle Corps

"Rudimental Logic is a great reference tool for the rudimental drummer. Several focused and progressive exercises for each rudiment exist for long term growth for the developing player as well as the advanced. There is a great deal of common sense with Bill's approach and plenty of challenges as well. This new book will be a certain choice for my students."
Neil Larrivee - King Phillip Regional H.S., PIT, Cadets of Bergen County Drum and Bugle Corps
Bill Bachman!

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