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Quad Logic
By Bill Bachman
Revised Edition
Written for quad players, drum instructors, band directors, and anyone wishing to better understand the instrument. The issues covered are those which are unique to the art of tenor drumming including playing areas, quality of sound, crossovers, scrapes, and much more. The book is full of quality exercises, etudes, a cadence, and a challenging solo!
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Comments about "Quad Logic"

"Quad Logic takes the mystery out of quad drumming by breaking down the techniques used and exploring the possibilities that tenor drums have to offer. This book will certainly become the standard for all serious quad players."
Paul Rennick - University of North Texas, Carolina Crown, Blast

"Quad Logic offers tenor layers of all levels a sound fundamental approach to playing the most challenging instrument in the world of marching percussion."
Sean Vega - Blue Devils, Riverside Community College, Freelancers

"This book is easy to use and works well for all levels of playing proficiency."
Tom Aungst - Dartmouth H.S., Cadets of Bergen County Drum and Bugle Corps

"This fine tenor book has already become a staple with my program. Our tenor players know that working in this book can be a key to great playing!"
Neil Larrivee - King Phillip Regional H.S., PIT, Cadets of Bergen County Drum and Bugle Corps
Bill Bachman!

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