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Just Desserts
By Edward Freytag
The Absolute Companion to "The Rudimental Cookbook"

Another collection of 25 rudimental snare drum solos ranging from easy to extremely advanced. Includes exercises and an up-to-date, extensive hybrid rudiment list.

The solos found in "Just Desserts" are written by some of the hottest snare drummers in the country and include several championship solos. Great for festival and auditions!

Hear these solos come to life from these great performers:
  • Matt Savage
  • Edward Freytag
  • Dustin Schletzer
  • Brad Beal
Just Desserts now comes with a performance CD!
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Featuring works by such well-known rudimentalists as...

Edward Freytag… Rudimental Cookbook
Mickey Burmer… Bluecoats, Carolina Crown, Phantom Regiment
Dennis DeLucia… Muchachos, Bayonne Bridgemen, Star Of Indiana, Crossmen,Sunrisers, and Caballeros. World Drum Corps Hall Of Fame / DCI Hall Of Fame.
Stacey Duggan… Star Of Indiana / Percussion Tech at Indiana University
Mike Lynch… Instructor-Lassiter High School / Southwind, Sky Ryders
John Maines… Southwind / Jacksonville State University
Jonathan Morrell… Phantom Regiment, Music City Mystique / Middle Tennessee State University
Matt Savage… Bayonne Bridgemen, Velvet Knights, Dutchboy, Bluecoats / Instructor-University Of North Carolina
Derek Schletzer… Bluecoats, Music City Mystique / Middle Tennessee State University / Father Ryan High School
Dustin Schletzer… Snare Tech for Santa Clara Vanguard / Middle Tennessee State University / Father Ryan High School
Staci Stokes… Educational Artists Manager / Pro-Mark Corporation
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